Candid Stories is the brainchild of Jugal Patel and Viral Patel who earlier pursued photography as a passion. Jugal Patel, a digital marketing professional, and Viral Patel, a BMM graduate, soon decided to polish their skills further and turn their passion into a profession. Coming from the digital marketing background, Jugal Patel brings with him the story telling skills. On the other hand, Viral Patel brings with him a skill to capture moments in the rawest possible form. Together, they tell you ‘CANDID STORIES.’
With a vision to tell the tale as honestly and as candidly as possible, the duo aims to establish Candid Stories as the best visual storytelling company in the world of wedding photography.
Why visual storytelling? Because your wedding isn’t just about random poignant moments, it’s a life changing tale of happiness, a tale that has to be told.

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Why Candid Stories?

There are many photographers out there who, undoubtedly, are the best at what they do. But not all are storytellers. For your wedding, choose the right storyteller. We are sure you don’t want your wedding video to look like random moments stitched together. When you look back at the memories, you should be able to live them as if they are happening again, right in front of you.
Candid Stories is a team of expert visual storytellers who have worked on 80+ weddings till date in cities like Mumbai, Goa, Udaipur, Pune, Nashik, Thane, Surat, Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Indore, and Raipur. Different cities only mean ‘diversity in experience.’ How? Weddings in Mumbai are different from weddings in Ahmedabad – from culture and traditions to style and locations, everything has the city’s unique touch to it. With diversity in experience: in traditions, culture, and locations, we can say that we bring immense experience along with a crazy passion for photography.

And yes, how can we not tell you this?


By scale, we mean: Your wedding can be happening right at your home with a limited budget or a destination wedding anywhere in India, you can rely on us for best candid pictures and cinematography.

Wedding Photography isn’t money-making for us, it’s our passion. Moments like father’s tears of joy and smiles to die for is what keeps us going which is why we are also reasonably priced.



Click on our representative below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to info@candidstories.in. If urgent, you can call us on +91 966 434 2796.

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