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One of the most memorable events of your life has to be framed forever. While you just live in the moment, we capture the moment, freezing it for you for lifetime.
Not to forget, wedding stories are not only about the bride and groom. It’s about parents, siblings, friends, and families. They are the ones who create stories that make weddings special. At Candid Stories, we capture them at their candid best.


Ever wondered how would your life look if turned into a film? We make a wonderful film of your wedding which is full of fun, laughter, happiness, joy, and of course, tears of joy. Here is where we put our storytelling skills to use the most. We weave a story that you, your partner, your family, and your friends tell us. What transpires next is sheer magic. Watch it yourself!

pre weddings

Pre-wedding stories are a great way to bid goodbye to pre-wedding jitters. As the occasion nears, both the partners get busy prepping for the wedding, giving each other from less to no time at all.
Pre-wedding photo shoot allows the couple to spend quality time with each other while having fun. It also helps the partners know each other well, especially if it’s an arranged marriage. Not to forget, it’s a chance to fall in love with the same person, once again, and this time, for lifetime.



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